Top 4 Reasons Why We Love the Retail Industry

Last week, we added to our retail series by learning from companies with excellent customer service. Today, we end our series by looking at the many benefits of working in the retail industry, particularly as a Shiftgig Specialist.

Many of our Specialists enjoy the benefits of working in retail positions through our mobile marketplace. The seasonality of retail makes it a prime industry to take advantage of the on-demand workforce model – especially when you consider the extra help needed during the holidays. Here are the reasons why our Specialists love working during the holiday season in retail.

1) Numerous Shift Options.

There’s always demand for workers during this time of year – in every corner of the store around the clock. This means there’s a plethora of opportunities for Specialists, whether you’re looking for a shift to start at 6 am or 6 pm, or to work for just a few hours or for an entire day. From the warehouse to the checkout lanes, there are positions of all types waiting to be filled during the holiday shopping season.

2) Flexible Schedule.

Instead of being tied to one company that would most likely plan your schedule for you, Shiftgig allows you to work with multiple companies and choose when it’s convenient for you to work. It couldn’t be easier to make some extra cash during such a busy time of year.

3) Meeting New People.

Working seasonal retail shifts at Shiftgig allows you to meet lots of new people. Whether you’re new in town, looking to network, or just a social person, Shiftgig is a great way to connect with others. Many of our Specialists who have met through the app often coordinate their schedules to pick up shifts together, finding a way to earn money and work with friends at the same time.

4) Being In the Know.

Shiftgig’s clients are the industry’s most popular retailers, so Specialists get a first-hand look at what’s “in” this holiday season. Not only that, but because they learn about all the great discounts before their friends, they know the best way to get their hands on the hottest gifts. If you’re a Specialist, your holiday shopping just got that much easier.

Ready to pick up retail shifts this season? Apply to a staffing agency powered by Shiftgig. You work when, where and how you want.

About The Author

Jane Smith is the Community Relations Manager at Shiftgig. She is passionate about helping Shiftgig Specialists and helping transform the way people work. In her free time, Jane loves cooking, exploring Chicago, and spending time with family.