Advice for Gig Workers, by Gig Workers Part 3: First Impressions Matter

In this series, we talked to Shiftgig Specialists who offered advice for other gig workers. One Specialist, who has worked more than 150 hospitality shifts in New York since August 2016, stood out among all the others. He’s been recognized by four clients as an All Star – because of these impressive credentials, we knew he’d have great tips to share.

Before this Specialist arrives at a shift, he makes sure he has the correct uniform. For him, the “correct uniform” includes all clothing requirements, proper hygiene, well-kept hair and clean nails. “I make sure that when I walk in for a shift, I’m prepared, dressed well and ready to work,” he says. Clients will take notice and appreciate when you care about your appearance.



Earlier this year, we learned how crucial soft skills are to our clients, which make this Specialist’s next piece of advice especially compelling: “Always have a positive attitude.” He mentions the importance of being courteous and having a great attitude around clients and other workers. He puts this advice into practice at every shift, but also mentions how useful this mind frame is when he works a gig that wasn’t the best fit: “I keep in mind I’m there to do a great job, whether I will choose to return to that gig again or not.”



When working in the gig economy, the ability to work independently is just as important as being able to work cohesively with a team. This Specialist mentions that he never “rushes out of a gig” because he knows they’re “there as a team”, making sure everything is cleaned and that the full-time employees aren’t left with a load of work.

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