How to Become a Cashier Without Any Previous Experience

With over three million people employed in the United States as cashiers, opportunities like this are vast. Cashiers work in restaurants, retail establishments or concessions and while these locations differ, the position requirements are often the same. But what if you don’t have any experience? We’re here to help. Follow these four steps to land the cashier job you want and make some extra cash.

STEP 1: Improve your soft skills

Soft skills are qualities like good communication, coachability and friendliness. Cashier positions require a number of soft skills such as organizational and people skills. Practice keeping your desk or room neat and organized to prepare you for keeping your workspace in order. We also suggest doing some simple research on how other cashiers interact with their customers. Visit a coffee shop, restaurant or mall and see how other cashiers connect with customers.


STEP 2: Get familiar with POS Systems

A point-of-sale or POS system is used for electronically processing payments from customers and may be used for additional responsibilities at other establishments (such as taking orders at restaurants). If you’ve never worked with this system before it’s important to familiarize yourself with them before applying for a job as a cashier.


STEP 3: Brush up on basic math

Depending on where you’re working some cashier positions may involve cash handling without the use of a POS system. For this reason it’s beneficial to brush up on basic math skills. Multiple sites allow you to practice and can make all the difference on your shift.


STEP 4: Go get that job

Now that you’ve prepared yourself for the position, it’s time to apply for a job as a cashier. If that job isn’t available, start off by finding a similar position that will afford you the opportunity to learn and move into the position you want. Download the Shiftgig app (for Android or iPhone) to pick up cashier shifts around your schedule.

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