Now Available in the Shiftgig App: Long-Term Assignments

At Shiftgig, we have always been focused on one mission: Transforming the Way People Work. 

At the core of that mission is you! Our goal is to empower you to build your own schedule by browsing available work and claiming jobs that interest you.

Around this time last year, we pivoted our business and stopped employing workers directly. Now, to use the Shiftgig app, you must be employed by a staffing agency that is Powered by Shiftgig. If you’re interested in using the Shiftgig app to find and claim work, check out our list of agency partners to find one in your local area! 

Over the past year, we’ve been hard at work building something completely new for you. We know that staffing agencies offer many different types of work, so we wanted to find a way to expand the types of opportunities that were available in the app. 

So, What’s New? 

We know you’ve become accustomed to finding and claiming hospitality, retail, and events gigs in the Shiftgig app, but we’ve got exciting news! The app has now been expanded to allow your staffing agency to offer long-term assignments. These jobs can range from a few weeks to more than a year. You’ll browse and claim them exactly as you’re used to browsing and claiming your short-term gigs. 

We’ve also expanded the feedback features throughout the app. Your feedback is extremely important to us and to your staffing agency, so now you’re able to leave feedback in more places than ever! If you’re looking at a job and choose not to claim it, tell us why. This feedback is funneled to your agency to help provide better job matches for you. We’ll also check in with you after your first day to see if the job met your expectations. If it did, great! Tell us what you liked to improve your future job recommendations. If it didn’t, let us know why so we can help improve your experience you find a role that’s a better fit. 

If something changes and you don’t want to continue your assignment anymore, you can let your agency know at the click of a button. Then you can go back into the app and find a different job that you’d like better. 

For those who have been using Shiftgig to find and claim work for a while, we hope you’re excited about the ability to find longer-term jobs that fit your schedule. For those who are new, welcome! We hope you enjoy the flexibility and power to create your own schedules at jobs that you choose! 

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About The Author

Stephanie is the Director of Marketing at Shiftgig and a self-proclaimed bar trivia extraordinaire. When she’s not helping transform the way people work, she is on the hunt for the best tacos in Chicago and cheering on the Boston Red Sox. To connect with Stephanie, follow her on Twitter @ShiftgigSteph.