Shiftgig Featured on The Penny Hoarder

Shiftgig was recently featured on a popular finance blog, The Penny Hoarder. With more than 16 million monthly readers, the personal finance blog was started by twenty-something Kyle Taylor, as part of his journey to overcome student loan debt.

The article shows first-hand what Shiftgig Specialists could expect when picking up work through the app. It’s an account from Specialist Kelsey Buxton, who also happens to be a Senior Media Buyer for The Penny Hoarder blog. Read the full article here.

While Kelsey just joined the platform this year, she relays that her experience in the gig economy has been beneficial to date. According to the blog post, here are a few of the reasons Kelsey has enjoyed working with Shiftgig:

  • Swift hiring. Kelsey states on the blog that “The interview process is a breeze.” She also noted that she was able to move quickly through the onboarding process, and was hired as a Specialist within six days of applying with Shiftgig.
  • Quick cash. While Kelsey notes that the pay varies by type of gig, and venue, she appreciated that Shiftgig pays workers weekly. Shiftgig also recently signed with DailyPay giving Specialists another option to get paid before the typical payday.
  • Convenience. Since Kelsey has a full-time job at The Penny Hoarder, she uses Shiftgig just for a side gig when she needs some extra cash. She stated that, ““It’s a really awesome side gig because you can work as much or as little as you want.”

The Penny Hoarder blog also details the pros and cons of the gig economy through a number of great blog posts. If you’re looking to find out more about on-demand work and if it is a fit for you, here are a few suggested posts to read:

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