Shiftgig Specialist 101 Part 2: Picking Up Shifts and Getting Paid

In the first part of our Shiftgig Specialist 101 series, we highlighted candidate questions about the application and onboarding process. In Part 2, we’ll take a look at questions we often hear once Specialists start working.

PART 2: Picking Up Shifts and Getting Paid

Q: How do I pick up a shift, and what is a backup/waitlist shift?

A: The only way to pick up a shift is through our mobile app. Once you’re approved in our system, you’ll gain access to our calendar of events. Here is a quick walkthrough on how to claim a shift.

If no shifts are available to claim, you still have options for picking up work. Backup shifts are added to account for last minute shift drops, staff running late, etc. They are similar to regular shifts in that you’ll claim them the same way, you must arrive at the start of the shift, be in uniform and ready to work. If a backup isn’t needed, you’ll be sent home and paid for four hours. If you’re needed, you’ll work the shift as usual and get paid for the time you work.

Waitlisting is another option, giving you the chance to express interest in working a shift that is already full. If an already committed Specialist drops that shift, the first person on the waitlist automatically receives an invitation via email to work that shift. The email will specify how much time you have to claim the shift before it goes to the next interested Specialist. If you want the shift, confirm by claiming it in the app before the invitation window expires.

Keep in mind, claiming a backup shift means you are confirmed to show up to the event location. If you are on a waitlist and have not claimed a shift, you do NOT show up to the work site. You can be on multiple waitlists at a time. If you are no longer interested in a shift you’re waitlisted for, simply ignore the invitation to claim the waitlist shift.

Q: What happens when I drop a shift?

A: Reliability is extremely important and you’re expected to work the shifts you claim. We understand life gets in the way and that in emergency situations, you may need to drop a shift.

The only way to notify Shiftgig you’re unable to make a shift is by dropping it in the app.

Dropped shifts are classified in three ways:

Early Drop – To avoid getting a strike against your account, you must drop the shift 48 hours or more before the shift start time. For example, if you have a shift starting on Friday at 1PM, you have until Wednesday at 1PM to drop the shift.

Late Drop – Often referred to as a “call-off”, a Late Drop refers to dropping a shift within 48 hours of its start time and is considered a strike against you, which counts toward the “3 in 10 Policy.”

The policy states that for every 10 shifts successfully worked, you are allowed a maximum of two strikes (late drops, late arrivals or other attendance issues). After your second strike, if you work 10 successful shifts, those two strikes are not counted. However, any combination of three strikes in a 10-shift period is grounds for deactivation from the app and account review. Once you reach your third strike, your account will be frozen and you will be contacted via email. This email will invite you to contact us within seven days to discuss your account and provide any documentation to excuse your call-off. Please note, not all excuses will be accepted. If you successfully clear the strike(s), your account is reactivated; if you don’t respond or fail to clear the strike(s), you will receive a second email stating your relationship with Shiftgig has been terminated.

No Call No Show – If you do not show up to a claimed shift and have not dropped the shift in the app, it counts automatically as three strikes. This is a serious offense, is grounds for immediate termination and may result in deactivation of your account.

Q: When do I get paid?

A: For all Specialists (excluding ShiftgigX), Shiftgig operates on a weekly pay schedule. You get paid every Friday for all hours worked, reported in the app and verified by clients for the previous work week (Sunday through Saturday). Pay statements are generally available in ADP by the end of the business day on Thursday (click here to learn how to access your pay stubs).

If you work on the experiential team, your pay week starts on Monday and ends on Saturday. Payments are processed on the following Thursday and are normally available in Payable four business days after processing.

Q: Who should I reach out to with a question/issue? I reached out to someone, why haven’t I heard back yet?

A: Shiftgig’s Specialist Success team supports our current workers. They should be contacted to answer questions before or after a shift, address concerns or pay discrepancies, accept documentation for call-offs, etc. Click here for what to do if you have an incident during your shift.

The team can be reached via email at They can also be reached by phone for emergencies at 844-870-3300. Currently the team operates from 6AM-6PM Monday through Friday, and 8AM-6PM Saturday and Sunday.

If you’ve sent an email and haven’t heard back yet, please be patient. We do our best to respond as quickly as possible. When reaching out to the team, it’s imperative to include all important information up front such as your email address, phone number, etc., otherwise it can delay the resolution process.

Q: What happened to the local offices, and why aren’t I seeing as many shifts?

A: Shiftgig recently centralized operations in Chicago. In doing this, we’re able to create systematic processes for all our markets. During this transition, you may see less shifts than you’re used to, especially due to being in slow season for a majority of our markets. We’re actively working with clients (new and current) to create more opportunities. All questions should be directed to our Specialist Support team, rather than the local offices.

Keep an eye out for Part 3 in this series, Improving Your Shiftgig Profile, coming soon.

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