Shiftgig Specialist 101 Part 3: Improving Your Shiftgig Profile

In the final part of our Shiftgig Specialist 101 series, we cover questions regarding improving your Shiftgig profile and interacting with clients. Make sure you check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this series.


Q: What do I do if a client asks me to work but I’m not scheduled in the app?

A: Periodically clients will ask Specialists directly to work a shift without notifying us first, which we call an “offline shift.” The only shifts you’re eligible to work are ones you’ve claimed in the app. When a Specialist works an offline shift, Shiftgig must confirm the hours worked with the client and then submit the hours to our payroll team. This can lead to delayed payment.

If clients ask you to work a shift you are not assigned in the app, we suggest you do the following:

  • Thank the client for the opportunity.
  • Check your app to see if the shift is available and if so, claim it.
  • If the shift is not available, let them know you cannot work shifts you have not officially claimed in the app.
  • Encourage them to give you an All-Star so you get first dibs on their shifts in the future (Click here to learn about All-Star status).
  • Contact the Specialist Success team at

Q: What do I do if a client says they want to hire me?

A: Occasionally clients will express interest in hiring on Specialists full time. It’s great they want to work with you long term, so it’s important to ask the client to reach out to Shiftgig. As an added measure, you should also contact the Specialist Success team.

Q: What is ShiftgigX?

A: Shiftgig also places workers in experiential marketing. This division, referred to as ShiftgigX, staffs conventions, events, promotions, etc. all around the country.

As a ShiftgigX Specialist, you’ll claim shifts using the app and are classified an independent contractor, or 1099. Popular positions include brand ambassadors, promo models, greeters and more depending on clients needs.

If you’re interested in working as a ShiftgigX Specialist, simply download the Shiftgig app to fill out an application. If we have an upcoming event in your area, we’ll reach out via email to begin the onboarding process. We’ll also keep your application on file for future events.

If you’ve still got questions for us, send an email to, or direct message on Facebook!

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