Staffing Firms Using Shiftgig and Where to Find Them

So you’re interested in using the Shiftgig app to find work? We’re so glad you’re here! 

You may have heard about some changes that we made this spring. The short version: Shiftgig no longer hires or employs workers directly—but we’re still here and you’re still at the core of our mission: To transform the way people work. 

While our focus has changed, and we no longer run a digital staffing agency ourselves, we are partnering with innovative staffing firms who want to use the Shiftgig app to empower their workforce to browse and claim work that fits their schedules. That means you have exponentially more opportunities to find and claim work all across the country! 

What Kind of Work is on Shiftgig? 

Historically, many people know Shiftgig as the go-to place for bartenders, servers, and other hospitality professionals who are looking for work, but our staffing agency partners offer way more variety than just short-term hospitality work! 

We partner with agencies that offer work in a lot of different industries. Of course, there is still an abundance of work in the hospitality industry, but we also work with staffing firms that have jobs in light industrial, warehouses, healthcare, per diem nursing, and more. We’re always adding new staffing agency partners and expanding into new industries as well. 

If you have a staffing agency in your area that you wish was using the Shiftgig app to offer jobs, let us know! 

How Can I Find Work on Shiftgig? 

To use the Shiftgig app, you must be employed by a staffing agency that uses Shiftgig. You will not be able to log into the app until your staffing agency sets you up with credentials to log in. 

Once you have completed the on-boarding process with the agency in your area, finding and claiming work is easy! 

  1. Browse the available jobs in your area and find the one that fits your interests and your schedule. You’re able to choose from short-term, single-day shifts or longer-term assignments.
  2. Verify that you meet the requirements for the job. This will vary for each job description. For example, you must:
    • Confirm that you have the required credentials or licenses
    • You’ve attended a required new employee orientation course
    • Have the necessary tools to perform the job
  3. Claim the job!

Meet the Staffing Agencies Powered by Shiftgig

Are you ready to start finding work in the Shiftgig app? Let us introduce you to some of the staffing agencies that are Powered by Shiftgig so you can find the right fit for you. These agencies offer short-term and long-term work in a variety of industries. Check them out below and apply with the staffing agency in your area today! 

The Job Center – Are you interested in light industrial, warehousing, or logistics industries? The Job Center might be the right fit for you! Currently located in 22 cities across eight states (primarily across the Mid-West) The Job Center is expanding rapidly. They fill positions like warehouse picker/packers, forklift operators, cherry pickers, material handlers, and more! Ready to apply with The Job Center? Apply today! 

LGC Hospitality – Looking for roles in the hospitality industry? LGC could be the agency for you! Located in 35 cities across the US, LGC has tons of opportunities. LGC offers many roles in the hospitality space, including (but not limited to, of course) servers, bartenders, cashiers, event staff, cooks, housekeepers, dishwashers and many more. Ready to apply with LGC? Apply today! 

Headway – Headway Workforce Solutions is an agency that offers a variety of work in industries ranging from research, retail, light industrial, and more. HeadwayX is their event and experiential marketing arm for people interested in jobs at trade shows, conferences, events, and brand ambassador work. Headway is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, but their work is nation-wide in major cities all across the US. Anyone who is interested in event jobs can apply with HeadwayX. Apply today! 

BoltGigs – A family-owned event and hospitality staffing agency located in the San Francisco Bay Area, BoltGigs has a variety of work available to you on-demand! Positions include cooks, chefs, bartenders, servers, banquet staff, dishwashers, and much more. If you are looking for work in cities like Sonoma, American Canyon, San Francisco, and many other surrounding areas, BoltGigs could be the agency for you. Apply today! 

EZgig – Located in Lexington, Kentucky, EZgig was built from the ground-up as an on-demand staffing agency. With open positions in food service, retail, events, hotel service, warehouse, and office work, there is no shortage of variety for EZgig workers. If you’re in the Lexington area, check out EZgig. Apply today! 

Customer Driven Staffing – Customer Driven Staffing (aka CDS) offers work in a variety of cities in Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kansas, and California. They offer tons of roles in the light industrial, warehouse, retail, and clerical industries. Want to see the full list of cities that CDS serves?  Apply today! 

SMPL – Calling all Nashvillians! SMPL is an agency in Nashville, Tennessee, that offers short and long-term work through the Shiftgig app. SMPL is looking for people who are teachable, humble, and ready to work hard. Sound like you? Apply today! 

Staffers – A new addition to our client roster, Staffers has one goal: To create outstanding experiences every day. Are in the medical field in Utah? Staffers is looking for compassionate, skilled, and dedicated nurses and nursing assistants. Apply today! 

Are you already using the Shiftgig app and need support? Visit our Worker Portal for assistance.

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