The Life of an Event Ambassador

For the past several years, Shiftgig Specialists have helped staff some of the biggest and most exciting conventions of the year. From auto shows to beauty events to technology conferences, our Specialists have been there. With more than 200 major convention centers in the U.S., the need for staff, also known as event ambassadors, is growing larger every year.

This year we placed a Shiftgig team at a few large conventions specifically to learn about the event ambassadors who work in this industry. Here’s what we uncovered:

Workers aren’t motivated solely by money.

While collecting a paycheck is a big factor in why they work, several people said they picked up these types of gigs for non-monetary reasons. One of these reasons is for a “fun change of pace” from their “regular lives.” Most employees we spoke to had another job, whether it was picking up other gigs or full-time work. Another reason they love the work is because they enjoy the content of the events — especially if they are able to learn something, listen to the speakers and network with all kinds of people.

Many people travel for these opportunities.

Some event ambassadors lived down the road while others were traveling from hours away. Those who made the trip from another city were excited to sight-see and take time to enjoy themselves. Many are “traveling ambassadors” working shifts all over the country.

They all had one personality trait in common.

Every event ambassador we spoke with genuinely cared about making the event the best it can be.  And, they were devoted to making sure the attendees had a great time. For many, these gigs are a way of life rather than “just a job”. Their passion was noticeable whether they were on the floor helping attendees or taking a break behind the scenes.

Our findings about event ambassadors are clear — they love what they do and they plan to keep doing it for a long time. At Shiftgig, our Specialists are having the time of their lives earning extra money working and staffing conferences around the country, and it was fun to see it all first-hand.

About The Author

Cat is the Marketing Manager at Shiftgig, primarily focused on content marketing and social media. She’s passionate about helping transform the way people work and empowering our Specialists be successful. In her spare time, Cat does stand-up comedy at Chicago’s own Second City!