Want to be a Shiftgig Specialist? Read This First.

We sat down this morning with Torrie Davis, Shiftgig’s Operations Project Manager. She’s been with our team for two and a half years now. Torrie is on the front line interviewing our prospective Specialists, so we thought she was the perfect person to ask about what makes a great interview.

What is the first thing you notice about someone in an interview?

The first thing I notice is when and how you walk through the door. We are looking for candidates who arrive early, prepared and confident. We also look to see how many times someone has scheduled/rescheduled an interview. Something that is cool about our interview process is that candidates can self-schedule their interview. If a candidate has to re-schedule it several times, it automatically shows that they are not very reliable. If you can’t make it to an interview, it doesn’t give me much confidence you will be able to successfully work a shift.

Something else that always stands out is the way candidates talk about themselves and their past experience. Showing us your personality is always a plus! We’re in the hospitality business, so we’re looking for outgoing, friendly staff who are confident in what they’re delivering.

 What is a deal breaker?

We often do group interviews. Being in that setting can be a tad awkward, but we expect everyone to be respectful and attentive while others talk about their experience. An absolute deal breaker for me is when one candidate interrupts another while we’re trying to learn about them. We’re looking for people who are respectful of others and is a team player, and constantly interrupting/talking out of turn will not get you far. Another deal breaker would be if a candidate is uninterested in what we do. Everyone at Shiftgig (internally and in the field) takes such pride in their work and what we accomplish every day. If you come in with a bad attitude, and you don’t care about the company/what positions we have available, all of that shows during the interview.

What traits make a great Specialist?

I have a laundry list, but I’ll name my top two! First, you must be motivated. This isn’t a typical job where you have a predetermined work schedule – this is all on you. You decide when and where you want to work every day! If you are not motivated to get on the app and pick up shifts, then this isn’t the job for you. Our Specialists are self-motivated every day, and that’s why they’re so successful.

Second, you need to be a team player. We have so many Specialists who go above and beyond what is expected of them. If a client is short handed, the majority of our Specialists jump at the opportunity to learn something new and help wherever they’re needed. It’s all about strength in numbers, and working together to get to the end goal of a project.

What advice would you give to someone who is nervous for an interview?

I know it’s cliché, but there is no reason to be nervous! Yes, this is an interview and we’re here to learn about your experience, but we’re here to help you more than anything. We want you to find work and new opportunities. So truly, there is no reason to be nervous. If you have the experience and you have confidence, you will be great!

About The Author

Jane Smith is the Community Relations Manager at Shiftgig. She is passionate about helping Shiftgig Specialists and helping transform the way people work. In her free time, Jane loves cooking, exploring Chicago, and spending time with family.