Why Restaurant Workers Make Good Gig Workers

According to the National Restaurant Association, there are more than 14 million restaurant industry employees working in the U.S.– and by 2027, 1.6 million new restaurant jobs will be created. If you’re a current restaurant worker who loves the industry and wants to pick up a side gig in a similar field, a smörgåsbord of opportunities await.

Restaurant Workers Have a Variety of Valuable Skills
Chances are, as a restaurant worker, you’ve functioned in several different roles at your place of employment. Perhaps you’ve been a host or hostess, a server, and a bartender. Or, maybe a short-order cook and a food-prep assistant. Hard skills like these are highly sought after in the gig market. Your “soft skills”– enthusiasm, positive personality traits, likeability, and so on — are also attractive to prospective employers. Your additional soft skills may include:

  • Team building
  • Multitasking
  • Positively interacting with customers
  • Working independently

Your organizational and interpersonal skills lend themselves well to working in the gig economy. Gig employers are always looking for top talent — and the hard and soft skills you’ve gained in the restaurant business are valuable.


Gig Work Offers Many Possibilities

If you currently work on staff at a restaurant, you may experience slow times of year and struggle to get enough hours every week. Gig work is a great way to fill in those gaps so you don’t have to experience a hit to your pocketbook.


Taking it one step further, many of your restaurant-industry skills are transferable to other kinds of industries or companies. If you’re a host or hostess, you might be a great fit as a greeter at a large conference. If you’re a food server, you could expand your reach and become a server at private or catered parties.


So, as you can see, as a current restaurant worker, you have the skills and experience that may be attractive to all kinds of employers looking for gig workers. Gig work is an interesting way to supplement your current income, save up for something special, or just broaden your current work experience. Give it a try — you just might like it.

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